SPW News & Video Release Distribution

The SHOOT® Publicity Wire (SPW) Service reaches brand clients, ad agencies, movie studios, producers, directors, production & post studios, media outlets, journalists, bloggers, researchers, social networkers, search engines, prosumers, fan sites, as well as all the other industry stakeholders and influential decision-makers that affect the commercialmaking, filmmaking, cinema, media and television, web and mobile video businesses worldwide. Using digital feeds, SHOOTonline Mobile App and opt-in ePubs such as the SPW Media Alerts,  Brand New[s] and SHOOT Dailies, SHOOTonline.com* site placement, archiving and indexing, RSS Feeds, social feeds to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and mobile SMS dynamic feed, links on the weekly SHOOT >e.dition* , the SHOOTonline.com home page, and search engine optimization (SEO) for Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. And, selected releases are published in SHOOT Magazine‘s regular “On The Wire” column. (Scroll down below for more detailed explanation each of SPW’s Distribution Channels)

SHOOT’s Publicity Wire publishing service distribution features (shown below) guarantee direct access, for your news message, to connect with a highly targeted, powerful, global marketplace comprised of the decision-makers in the movie, TV, and commercial industries (and beyond) primarily in the United States & North America but also in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

SHOOTonline.com Webpage


Screenshot of parts of actual publicity release permanent web page working 24/7/365  in “The Industry Database of Record” including: 1.) Up to 7 653 x 400px gallery images 2.) Headline/Teaser image 3.) Headline, Sub-headline, and unlimited body text. 4.) 3 video posts includes separate webpage for each + display within release (Credits information, if applicable, will appear in release and on video pages.) 5.) Author Logo, Contact information 6.) Related posts displayed for previous publicity news release posts. Each page has permalink and SEO friendly “alias” link. Click here to view live published release.

SHOOTonline Is Mobile Responsive


Through the SHOOTonline responsive design, available for all mobile devices, SHOOT followers can seamlessly access the latest publicity news and video release while on the go. All SPW news and video releases instantly appear reformatted to ANY mobile device at the same time the release is published on SHOOTonline.com. Whatever device, users can easily access and read all the latest SPW Postings, and/or view SPW videos, wherever they are, as well as share stories news and video with friends & associates via text message or email. They can also “Favorite” releases of particular interest for reference purposes.

No matter the device, the responsive SHOOTonline delivery system keeps entertainment, branded content, commercials, music video and other content producers ahead in “Behind The Scenes” and on Top of “Below The Line” Coverage of Production & Post coverage and more. It doesn’t matter if Apple (iOS)  and Google Play (android) device. All SHOOT followers can access the latest industry news & features, publicity news, new screenwork & credits lists, company & talent profiles, enter & view the New Directors Showcase, enter & follow SHOOT contests, and more while on the go.

SPW Media Alerts

SPW Media Alert  News Release Available For Immediate Publish - partial

Screenshot of top portion of an SPW Media Alert example – SPW Media alerts are automatically sent within 2 hours of a releases “go live” publication date/time to SPWs Journalists/Bloggers opt-in list. Click here to see web copy an SPW Media Alert.

SHOOT Dailies


SHOOT’s fastest growing publication, SHOOT Dailies contains ALL published items, including publicity releases & SPW videos, published that day on SHOOTonline.com. Emailed to opt-in subscribers each weekday evening @ 9pm ET (except holidays) SHOOT Dailies gets your message out FAST! Click here to view a live sample issue of SHOOT Dailies. | Subscribe to SHOOT ePubs

Brand New(s)


Screenshot of top portion of September 16th Issue of Brand New[s] – BN is published weekly, on Wednesday evenings except holidays. 1.) All publicity releases published by SPW are guaranteed to appear on next issue of BN. 2) All video releases published by SPW are guaranteed to appear on next issue of BN. 3. All external abstracts include Headline, Subheadline, teaser image,  first graph, and 4.) link to full release.  Click here for live sample issue on Brand New[s]  |  Subscribe to SHOOT ePubs

SHOOT >e.dition


SHOOT’s original digital ePub has the largest circulation and is published weekly (except holidays) on Friday. ALL SPW news & video releases published in the previous 7 days are published on the SHOOT >e.dition each week. (See red circles in screenshot for location of SPW releases when published). Click here to view live sample issue of SHOOT >e.dition | Subscribe to SHOOT ePubs

SHOOT Screenwork


SHOOT Screenwork contains ALL video posted to SHOOT’s ScreenWork section, including SPW videos, published on SHOOTonline.com. Emailed to opt-in subscribers each bi-weekly on Monday evenings (except holidays). Subscribers use this to find “The talent behind The Scrrenwork” because SHOOT requires Credits List with all posted video in ScreenWork section. Click here to view sample issue of SHOOT Screenwork. | Subscribe to SHOOT ePubs

SPW "On The Wire" Column


Curated by the editors of SHOOT Magazine, “On The Wire” is a full page column of selected current headlines & abstracts from SPW releases published on SHOOTonline.com and considered relevant and timely to SHOOT Magazine subscribers in the opinion of SHOOT editorial department. SHOOT Magazine is published bi-monthly and mailed to 10,000+- subscribers. To view current and past “On The Wire” columns click here.