SPW Overview

The SHOOT Publicity Wire (SPW) Service

The Publicity News & Video Release Publishing & Distribution Service for the Entertainment & Advertising Industries -Motion Picture Segments – Such As Movies, Filmmaking, Television, Commercialmaking, and Web & Mobile Video Production. IP-Based Broadcast Service Targets Delivery of Publicity News and Video Releases To Powerful Vertical Market & Beyond… While Establishing Your Releases in Vital SHOOT “Industry Database of Record”

Whether a movie studio, ad agency, TV network, production or post company, director, talent agency, film commission, association, services provider, equipment manufacturer, software publisher, potential clients and collaborators want to learn about what’s new from you or your firm. If you have just completed work on a new campaign, film, doc or show, hired great talent, been short-listed*/nominated/won an award, are promoting an upcoming event, new research, screening or film festival you need to get the word out to an audience that’s interested. The SHOOT Publicity Wire allows you to target your publicity news & video releases to the companies, agencies, editors and publications that cover your industry while also communicating releases directly to a wider business and prosumer audience of clients and prospects.

The SHOOT Publicity Wire (SPW), a targeted real-time news, video and information release publishing and distribution service, reaching news agencies, search engines, editors, industry publications, customers, prospects, prosumers, and influential industry decision-makers with businesses, careers, and prosumer interests in Filmmaking, Television, Commercialmaking, Web and Mobile motion picture development and distribution.

The SHOOT Publicity Wire provides PR, marketing professionals, companies and entrepreneurs a powerful, yet economical, tool to communicate directly with a hard-to-reach target market of news agencies, search engines, editors, industry publications, client customers and prospects, and influential motion-picture industry decision-makers in filmmaking, television, commercials, web multimedia industries. And, beyond.

In real-time and over time 24/7/365, The SHOOT Publicity Wire Service reaches brand clients, ad agencies, movie studios, producers, directors, production & post studios, media outlets, journalists, bloggers, researchers, social networkers, search engines, prosumers, fan sites, as well as all the other industry stakeholders and influential decision-makers that affect the movies, commercialmaking, filmmaking, cinema, media and television, web and mobile video businesses worldwide. Using digital feeds, such as the SPW Press Alert, opt-in ePublication’s Brand New[s] and Brand New[s] Daily* (BND), SHOOTonline.com* site placement, archiving and indexing, RSS Feed, social feeds to Twitter, Facebook and mobile SMS dynamic feed, links on SHOOT’s weekly >e.dition* , the SHOOTonline.com home page, and search engine optimization (SEO). And, selected releases are published in SHOOT Magazine’s regular “On The Wire” column. * Click here for SPW Distribution Details

The SHOOT Publicity Wire Service also establishes your release in the vital online SHOOT “Industry Database of Record” used for gathering decision-making info 24/7/365. Designed as an industry service, the SHOOT Publicity Wire is powered by SHOOTonline.com, the leading news website for filmmaking, commercialmaking, online & mobile video, branded entertainment, and multimedia content production. SHOOT has been serving the motion picture industry for over 50 years since 1960.

SHOOT’s Publicity Wire delivers direct access to a highly targeted global marketplace comprised of both the advertising and filmmaking industries in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

The service assists marketing and communications specialists in leveraging the power of search to reach and increase the visibility of their publicity releases while at the same time pushing a release out to a powerful target market and anchoring a release in SHOOT’s, constantly searched, database and branded environment that has been delivering trusted motion picture industry service for more than 53 years.

The SHOOT Publicity Wire service helps agencies, studios, companies and individuals achieve major international market coverage, top placement on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our mission is to provide highly targeted, professional looking,  publicity news release distribution focusing on ease of use, flexibility, speed of delivery, audience coverage, archiving, and cost-effectiveness as the key benefits.

SPW is a high quality, smart strategy to get your story and work published and seen by the right people. Currently the cost of one release is only $60. (includes up to 8 images and 2 video posts. A video post only is $20. Complete credits list required with all video posts to SPW.

SHOOT Publicity Wire releases & videos are fully accessible to ALL SHOOTonline visitors from a highly visible SPW landing page (http://spw.SHOOTonline.com) within SHOOTonline.com. And, are promoted by SPW via powerful opt-in digital networks of distribution directly reaching clients, prospects, the media, and beyond. The SPW archives are searchable, social sharable, and accessible for at least 2 years to all site visitors of SHOOTonline.com before archiving for SHOOT member-only access. Releases are organized by category, date, and fully key word searchable. The SHOOT Publicity Wire Search Categories offer readers a quick and organized method to get highly targeted industry information.

Categories include: (in alpha order)

The service is available to all registered (free) members of SHOOTonline.com. To use the publicity wire service a registered user can purchase and immediately upload releases for distribution.

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* Always check guild, association, contest rules before issuing release to be sure you are in compliance with the award or contest where you are in contention.